Life's Legacy

Voltar Tacbian


This Track is is my inspiration to put life in perspective in a psychological snapshot of people you had interacted with the past like an acquaintance but never really got to know that person and later in life you met the person again although familiar yet you do not quite exactly know where did you met him/her from.

And then there is that love of your life from the past that used to impact you and dealt with you with strong emotional attachment whether falling in-love or getting hurt deep inside and now looking back on that past although not forgotten yet the emotional impact is more bearable if not, doesn't hurt you anymore.

The third aspect of the song is how people will remember you by the way you lived your life and what kind of impact you had made to those people around you. How do you like to be remember by? what kind of legacy will you leave an impression on others  once you leave them behind?


Life’s Legacy

By: Voltar Tacbian


When you met someone you can't remember

Who could that person be?

You think about the past, somewhere in your life

A long lost memories

When you search so deep within your mind

Asking how did we ever meet?

Her face becomes familiar, through & through

Yet she's still a stranger to you


When you met someone

Do you understand?

The memory is trying, to stay alive,

Before you lost her connection to you


Idle memories, all your lost dreams,

Are slowly getting buried, so deep in your mind,

That one day they will be gone from you


When you love someone you can't forget her

When you’re filled with her memories

You think about her love, somewhere in your life,

An aching memory

And when you search so deep within your heart,

Asking why did you let her leave?

Her face is slowly fading, through and through,

But her love still aches for you


When you love someone

Do you understand?

Your love for her is trying to stay alive

Before her love finally dies in you


All your childhood love

All your broken love

Are buried so deep, within your heart

That one day no longer aches for you


Looking back at life, sometimes you wonder

How did you come to be?

You think about the things, you ever done in your life

A living memories


When you search so deep within your soul

Asking why did you ever believe?

Your doubts is always speaking, throughout your life,

Yet your faith still remains in you


When you see your life

Do you understand?

Your life sometimes just flashes, before your eyes

Before you lose your identity


Everything you've done

All your memories

Are slowly being built, throughout your life

That will be your legacy


Voltherythm (Copyright) 2012

Voltarythm First Album

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